Build Your Own Limo with Inkas

Owning a limousine is the dream of almost every individual because it is considered to be one of the most luxurious cars. The process of building the limousine is also extremely intriguing as a lot of effort is required to give shape to the perfect limousine. If you want to build your own limo, you should follow the advice of the limo builders.

Finding the Right Base Car

You need to get hold of the right base car in order to build the limousine. You should make sure that the base car meets all the safety standards. Exotic cars are quite difficult to find and hence you need to be on the lookout for the right base car for your limo.

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It is the task of an engineer or limo builders to figure out the limit of the suspension as well as the structure of the base car. The base car should be able to carry the extra load and hence the checking is absolutely necessary. In order to add structural rigidity, the modern day limousines have additional sub-chassis. In case of top limousines, the chassis is reinforced and extended. Usually, the limousines stay within the structural limits of the base car. If the engineering of the based car needs to be altered then the procedure becomes extremely costly.

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Safety First

The safety measures and brakes of the limousine need to be altered so that the luxury vehicle can withstand the weight of the passengers and the limousine. The brakes of the limousine need to be top notch so that the car can come to a halt instantly. The limo builder builds the luxury limousine with a lot of care.

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Conversion of the Base Car

The base car needs to be stripped and the interior is extracted along with the seats. The car is then cut in half and the conversion process is started. The parts of the base car which do not require any changes are kept intact. In most cases, re-painting of the base car is done by limo builders because it is required after the conversion is complete.

Body Alignment

The two halves of the base car is placed on the stretched chassis. Two rails are used to support the rear and front of the car and the infill panels are fitted. By using the pre-limo kit, the stretched limos are manufactured. The panels are often custom made to suit the requirements of the passengers. The rear doors are also stretched in order to provide easy access to the passengers.


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Building the Limousine

After the welding of the stretched limousine has been completed, the side of the vehicle, the floor and the roof of the vehicle is worked on. The doors can be customized as per the requirements of the passenger. The doors, sun roofs, jet doors and the partitions are installed into the base car.

The component parts of the limo are stripped for installing the panels and painting the car. The painted panels are reinstalled into the new limo shell which has been re-painted. The window frames as well as the internal set frames are installed. The anchor for the placement of the seat belts and internal fittings are then done.

The wiring loom is then placed in the limousine by the limo builders. Additional wiring for lighting, air conditioning, sub-woofers and music systems are installed in the limousine.

Things to Avoid Doing Your Rental Car

With the emerging summer holiday, people start making plans to travel. If you plan to go for a holiday, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is car rental. However, there are certain things that you need to avoid when you rent a car from Toronto downtown car rental. This way you will be able to save a significant amount of money.

Renting a Car from the Airport

You might have noticed that everything seems pretty expensive at the airport. This is simply because it is. Airports in Toronto are known to charge you with premium location fees to the vendors who are setting up the shops in the kiosks and the hallways.  These fees might vary from airport to airport.  However, usually it is between 10-15%. If you opt for airport Toronto downtown car rental, the special fees might be passed on to you. In case you plan to stay in the city, it is better to take a taxi to the close offsite car rental location. Even though this option is a bit inconvenient, you might be able to save a great deal of money.

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Not Knowing About the Penalties

You might already be aware of the fact that returning the car late might cost you some extra money. However, there are some car companies that might charge some extra money if you return the car early.  Thus, it is necessary to understand the details of the penalties that are outlined on the contract. This will help in making sure that you are not paying more than you have to. Take a look at some of the staple Toronto downtown car rental contracts.

  • Avoid smoking in the car.
  • Top up the gas tank of the rented car to the original level so that you do not have to pay fuel and convenience charges.
  • Get to know where you have to drop off the vehicle.
  • Breach of contract might lead to penalties.

Adding Unnecessary Services

Bells and whistles might cost some extra amount of money. If you are availing any extra services like GPA then make sure that you check the fee structure with the Toronto downtown car rental. Even though these extras are pretty convenient and might also be beneficial for the journey, make sure that there aren’t any cheap for the rental toronto

Waiving the Insurance of the Car Rental

If you are not covered by the current insurance provide for the car rental then it is always better to purchase the car rental. This will help you to save some amount of money in the long run. There are various factors which will increase the risk of accident that takes place during the trip. Keep in mind that safety is important.


Like most of the things in life, if you are rushing through something, you might end up making a mistake. The same is applicable for car rental agreements.  If you make the mistake of signing the agreement even before you get the fine print, you might have to pay for the things that weren’t actually necessary.  Thus, take time to understand what you are signing.

If you are planning for car rental for your next vacation, consider carefully the Toronto downtown car rental terms and policies.  This way you can spend the vacation within a budget. Read more about car rental and road trips here!